EAN kods8595568932327
Muitas kods85363030
Svars0,04 kg/pcs
Bezšuvju materiāls
Pašnodziestošs30 s
Nominālais spriegums<= 400 V
Nominālā strāva<= 16 A
Temperatūras izturība-5 - 60 °C
Kvēlojošas stieples tests850 °C
Diametrs73 mm
Dziļums45 mm
Frēzētās (urbtās) atveres diametrs81 mm
Uguns reakcijas klase materiālam uz kā tiek uzstādīts produktsA1 - F
Atstarpe, savienojot divas kārbas71
Ļauj montēt dubultu kontaktligzdu
Saskaņā ar standartiemČSN EN 60 670-1
Iepakojuma apraksts
boxes fitted with instrument screws and loosely packed into the carton

Possibility of connecting in a continuous row with a spacing of 71 mm. The boxes can be connected to KPR 68/D boxes. The inlet openings are made of flexible material. The installation of the cable or pipe is performed by tearing out the pre-pressed inlet on the flexible membranes and inserting the cable or pipe into the resulting hole. Ensured airtightness of the passage even when the cable or pipe is inserted. Suitable for low-energy or passive houses. Protected by a European industrial design and Utility model trademark.